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DEAL Studios closed our doors in 2005. Thanks to each and every one of you who have honored me by giving me a place in your creative endeavors. Many times the music we shared carried my spirit to beautiful new places. Our recordings have touched many lives.

While the facility is gone, the people and gear are still available for select projects. In particular, I've written a sub-page as a professional reference for Paul Brandon Taft, my gifted associate who was an indispensible part of the DEAL magic. It contains samples of our work, and some stories about the people and projects. See paultaft.html.

--charles strouss

in 1986, i built my dream home in the woods east of redmond, washington. a key element of the design was a recording studio, which addressed the limitations i found in other available facilities. in particular, as a rock & blues piano player, i wanted plenty of isolation, and a special room designed for my grotrian steinweg model 220 grand piano. this design perfectly suited the revolution from the old linear tape / large console paradigm to the now ubiquitous digital audio workstation.
three isolation rooms cluster around a central main room, allowing excellent line-of-sight for ensemble recording. the low ceilings and angled walls give a tight, controlled ambient sound.

in 1994, i retired from full time work in the computer software industry to put my full energies into making the studio available to the public. i was able to equip his studio with high-end gear, including the first daw capable of doing high-track-count audio production, pro tools iii.

tor dietrichson's cd project cosmic view put us on the map as a premier facility for world-fusion music.

we have been graced with a parade of musical luminaries, such as steven kindler, jovino santos-neto, karl perazzo, zakir hussain, joaquin lievano & flora purim.

during a recent womad event, the nationally syndicated radio program echoes with john diliberto recorded sheila chandra, djyvan gasparyan & joji hirota for their "living room concerts" series. it was a joy working with john's engineer, jeff towne, who managed to keep this incredible session on schedule, complete with several hours of "live" radio in the can in only 8 hours of studio time.

the latest digital technology is no substitute for a great analog front-end. microphones made by sony, neumann, akg, lawson, manley, etc., feed preamps by avalon, api, demeter, night-pro & true audio, and then into the fabulous a/d in the digi 192/io.

outboard gear by eventide, lexicon, and tc electronic are on digital efx loops. analog processing includes a pair of el-8 distressors and tube compression by tl audio and drawmer.

our outstanding grotrian-steinweg model 220 (7'3") was hand-built in west germany in the early 1970s. if you are a pianist, or if acoustic piano is a significant part of your music, we hope you'll come check it out.

folks who are familiar with the more common yamaha and steinway pianos found in most studios are usually blown away by its rich tone and splendid action.

a midi key rail allows piano tracks to be captured simultaneously as midi performances, which opens up a range of new creative possibilities.

our most common media interchange with other studios has become the inexpensive firewire hard drives. we still accomodate a wide variety of other interchange media, including mdm tape such as adat and da-88. some of our projects have included collaboration with more than a half-dozen other studios around the world.

with our hd3 system running on dual 1ghz g4s, we have a tremendous amount of audio processing power.  our collection of plug-ins is extensive, and includes altiverb, the waves gold tdm bundle, ultra tools, reverb one, autotune, amp farm, and more.  and, we are adding more all of the time!

now, with a 16 input digi 002-r system running off a 17" 1.4ghz powerbook, we can capture on-location performances which easily drop into the larger system in the studio for subsequent production.