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Synthesis involves finding connections between things, and it is one of my gifts. I'm looking for short term opportunities to combine my years of software and systems design with recently gained insights into the healthcare system. My wide range of interests and passion for learning help me find new solutions to problems.

Probably the most effective things I can offer at the present time are on the top & bottom end of the process. I have a firm grasp of systems design, in the global sense. I also have many years of writing compact efficient code, including firmware and device drivers. Since I have been away from the software business for a few years, I am not immediately familiar with all languages and protocols in current usage. However, I've learned many languages and protocols during my 20 years in the software business, and have developed a number of them as well.

The years I spent working in the music recording industry helped me learn how to quickly build small, dynamic creative teams.


1976-1977 University of Washington. Math & Computer science.
1983-1984 North Seattle Community College. Music and recording. 4.0 GPA
2007-2010 Lake Washington Technical College, RN program (current). Dean's List.


“Charles has a very rare gift for synthesis.” George Dalich, PhD, Science Department Chair at LWTC.   (206) 619-3578

“I've known Chuck since 1976, and he's always been a software whiz." Rodger Rosenbaum, BSEE, my mentor.   (206) 784-2905

“When Microsoft needed to speed up Windows, they called Chuck Strouss.” Scott Quinn, former supervisor at Microsoft.  (425) 736-2300

Selected Professional Experience

1976-1988 Datavue. My relationship with this startup lasted through their acquisition by Intelligent Systems. I was involved in systems design and coding for a wide variety of microprocessor-based equipment.

1978-1982 Thermwood. Developed control and translation systems for the machine tool and robotics industries.

1989-1994 Microsoft. I played a significant role in the development of the MS-DOS 5 and Windows 3 operating systems.

1994-2004 Digital Evolution Audio Labs. We helped pioneer the use of Digital Audio Workstations for music production.

You can contact me at  or (425) 818-0878

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